Helian Polymers cooperates with a few selected business partners to provide the plastics processing industry with the best possible solutions for masterbatches and additives.
Helian Polymers BV provides tailor made color masterbatches for various thermoplastics, such as polyolefins, polyesters and engineering plastics, as well as masterbatches for bio-based and biodegradable polymers

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Looking for a compound? Helian Polymers offers small batch color- or additive compounding, taylormade to your specific needs.
Wether you are looking for a limited quantity of colored compound or simply want a compound based on your own grade of carrier material, Helian Polymers can provide a solution for you.
Please contact us to discuss the possibilities and your compounding requirements.

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Looking for a compounded solution? Helian Polymers offers various compounded materials, tailored to your specific needs.
Whether you are looking for a pre-colored material, or engineered polymers with various fillers and functionalities, we can provide a solution.
Also for small batch color compounding, Helian Polymers is your partner.

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The company

Helian Polymers BV is a young and dynamic company which was founded by Ruud Rouleaux at the end of 2011. In September 2015 Helian Polymers acquired Peter Holland BV, that was founded in 1974, and incorporated Peter Holland BV into Helian Polymers, to combine all masterbatch activities into one company. Helian Polymers BV is a sister company to ColorFabb BV, a world leader in 3D printing filament.

Our webshop

Helian Polymers currently offers a wide portfolio bioplastics pellets and 3D Printing filaments in up to 30 colors. From the highly functional co-polyesters to the stunningly beautiful special filaments or composite materials, we offer them in our webshop.
We ship daily and we ship worldwide with DHL! Eager to try a new filament? Why not test a sample first? Not sure what filament to choose or questions about your next order? Contact us!



Helian Polymer is a service orientated organization. Fast deliveries, compliances and documentation, it is part of our daily business.
We keep developing more services, like injection molding of color plaques, color on demand 3D Printing, and swift companies visit on request. Click here for the services colorFabb currently offers.

Need more information?

Our blog site features all the information you need: news, customer success stories and the latest about our sister companies BlackBelt 3D BV and colorFabb BV. Various datasheets of our materials including bioplastics can be found in our materials database and webshops.

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