Helian Polymers is your partner in biopolymers since 2007. With nearly a decade and a half of experience Helian is perfectly suited to meet your needs. Helian Polymers focuses on development of PHA based applications, tailor-made for and with customers. With specific expertise and, as of summer 2021, in-house compounding facilities Helian ensures swift and flexible services.

With expertise in both highly crystalline and amorphous PHAs Helian Polymers is your trusted partner to develop your custom grade biobased material.

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By offering the already available PHBV in powder (Enmat Y1000) and granular (Enmat Y1000P) form or PHB in granular form (ENmat Y3000P) and developing custom grades, Helian Polymers - through its new brand PHAradox - offers flexibile solutions for new and existing applications. With market needs and regulations evolving towards more sustainable products in a many markets Helian Polymers helps you to transition from idea to product.

With dedicated partners like CJ BIO from South Korea and Tianan from China Helian co-operates with innovative material partners.


PHAs (Polyhydroxyalkanoates) are a family of 100% biobased (co-)polyesters that are produced through the bacterial fermentation of sugars and lipids. Because these polymers are produced by bacteria, they can also be broken down by bacteria, making them 100% soil AND marine biodegradable. Especially this marine biodegradability makes it a unique group of biopolymers within the bioplastics market, as the problems of the Plastic soup and water-borne microplastics can’t be tackled by using other bioplastics, like PLA, PBS or PBAT.

PHAs can be produced with a range of different monomers, by adjusting the feedstock and bacterial strains, resulting in a variety of co-polyesters with various properties.


We are the official distributor of TianAn Biologic Materials Co., Ltd.

TianAn Biologic Materials Co., Ltd.


We are the official development partner of CheilJedang BIO

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