"The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step."
Lao Tzu

In 1974 the company Peter Holland BV was founded in the Netherlands. Contrary to popular belief Peter Holland was not a person, not in our case, but merely the name of a technical trading company specialized in machine parts and masterbatches, colorants for the plastics industry. Ruud Rouleaux took over the company in 2007, moved it to the south of the Netherlands (his home turf) and slowly but surely moved away from the machine parts business. From then on the company would only trade in masterbatches and additives. Around the same time the first activities around bioplastics (PHBVs) started to develop, importing them in small batches from China. 

In 2011 Helian Polymers BV was founded to develop various projects not directly related to the core business of Peter Holland BV. One of the most succesfull initiatives was (and still is) colorFabb, the 3D printing filament brand which was founded in 2013 and spun off as a separate company in 2015.

At the same time Peter Holland BV was merged with Helian Polymers due to the similarity in activities. Both Helian Polymers and colorFabb keep operating in the same building, sharing various facilities, and together they made the move in 2017 to a state-of-the-art material development center. And in 2021 the PHAradox was launched - a new brand, aimed to create new materials, but with years of experience behind it.

The renewed focus is on the development of sustainable materials: biobased, biodegradable, high quality, custom-made and durable. Using PHA building blocks and working with various partners we are in the unique positions to develop the materials our customers need.

In the summer of 2022 Helian Polymers announced it is going to phase out its masterbatch activities. Effectively ending an era, it continues the new chapter started with PHAradox.

We are ambitious, brave and curious. We are not afraid to start a new journey and take that first step again and again. That next step is our biobased material development strategy, all bundled under the PHAradox brand.



1974 Founding of Peter Holland BV
2007 Ruud Rouleaux takes over Peter Holland BV
2011 Helian Polymers BV is founded
2013 The colorFabb project starts as brand of Helian
2015 Peter Holland and Helian merge; colorFabb spins off
2017 Moving to our state-of-the-art development center
2021 The PHAradox brand is launched and the story continues...
2022 PHAsing out the masterbatch business as of the summer

Our headquarters

480 solar panels and thermal heat pumps are our sustainable sources of energy.

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