In the summer of 2021, after year of preparations, the brand PHAradox was launched by Helian Polymers. With PHAradox all of Helian's biopolymer activities (development, compounding and distribution) are bundled under a single name.

One name, one brand, one singular vision: to create sustainable PHA based material solutions to meet our customers' needs. By working closely with both customers, material suppliers and knowledge platforms like GO!PHA we aim to bring supply and

demand together and provide the best possible solution. We are a full service partner to consult and develop application solutions with PHA. We help you make the transition from petrochemical plastics to sustainable PHA based solutions.

Why PHA?

PHA, which stands for Polyhydroxyalkanoate, is a sustainable alternative for traditional petrochemicals. PHAs are a class of natural materials that have existed in nature for over millions of years. These materials are both bio-based and biodegradable, similar to other natural materials such as cellulose, proteins and starch. Why opt for PHA? 



No microplastics


PHAradox stands for quality, reliability, sustainability and custom-made application development. With the PHAradox brand we tackle your material challenges and turn them into viable biobased material solutions.

Developments made with PHA and PHA compounds provided by Helian Polymers include 3D printing filament, single use coffee capsules, cutlery, festival cups, leisure wear (sunglasses), agricultural applications and much more.



Custom material development is key at PHAradox. We work closely with our partners to bring you the best PHA materials available in the market. But we don't stop there. We also develop our own PHA based formulations, in-house developed and fully biodegradable. 18 formulations are now available.

We also keep various PHB and PHBV grades in stock and supply from 10kg (powder) and 25kg (granulates) from our warehouse. We ship daily and worldwide. On the PHAradox website you can find more information and data sheets per product.

Selected PHA based products

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